This might not be entirely appropriate material for sharing with my professional network in LinkedIn but I know there’s a few of you who might get a chuckle out of this. 

Saturday night we went out with our roomie Sally and two new local friends, Violet and her English husband Adrien, who have just moved here. Adrien makes my stories seem like child’s play as he has travelled Africa moving oil rigs. I can’t top being held up with a gun to the head three times in a hour in Nigeria.

First stop was the Living Room bar where the Specials were flowing and the music was great. A hour in and three promotional girls arrived in eye-catching clothes with some very risqué dance moves at the table opposite us. 

I’m a friendly chap and Natalia is not the jealous type so we thought a picture of me and the three girls (headline picture) would be good blog material. I’m always planning ahead. 

They were very accommodating while Natalia took the picture. And they wanted to get cozy with the subject. I realized at this point they weren’t promotional girls, at least for any commercially available product. The clue was the young lady to my right seemed to have lost her keys and was looking for them in my pocket.

10 minutes is a long time to look for your keys so I exited the situation gracefully and before Natalia went all Colombian on her. Not long after we made the decision to take the party to Chez Ntemba, the local night club which we had visited after the BBQ party. Same scene on a grander scale so I stayed close to my Latina bodyguard.

Other updates, I didn’t get a chance to share Sally’s birthday dinner picture (at The Chinese Restaurant of course) and night out. We smuggled a cake into the restaurant and our waiter and Lica, our friend and the owner, joined us. Afterwards, Sally and I went out for a few beers at the Four Seasons and a visit to the casino where we made our contribution to the Malawi economy.

And a nice picture of my bus journey home today as Natalia was the day guard due to Ruben’s continued absence and took the car home. “Nice cockerel” was Natalia’s comment or words to that effect.


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