The balance of household duties has quickly settled down and we’re already a fine-tuned 3-person machine. Natalia’s maternal instinct have continued (unfortunately bossiness is a side-effect) and she shoulders most of the cooking responsibilities while Sally and I do the clean-up. We have a collective approach to grocery shopping and Sally has realized the importance of never missing a Manchester United game and happily tags along for trips the Africana or Breeze bar. I make the coffee, Sally laughs (politely) at my jokes. All key rules established.

We’re not that rigid and I’ve tried my hand at a few meals myself (upsetting one person for making my curry too spicy – guess who?) and, not to be out done, Sally volunteered to make some banana bread using many of the ingredients left by Jenni. 

Now, I’m a little suspicious here. When I was younger my parents forced (i.e. child labor) my brother and I to do the washing up after our family Sunday roast dinner; gravy pans, roasting dishes, crusty stuffing containers. What a mess and we hated it. So we both did a horrible job, smearing grease all over the partially cleaned dishes, in the hope that either my Mum or Dad would get frustrated with our incompetency and do it for us. It was one of the few times that my brother and I did something collaboratively at that age. 

We had my Mum on the ropes a couple of times (“give me that!” as she snatched the dish cloth from our hands) but our  Dad saw through our plan. This went back and forth for years.

So Sally ‘accidentally’ used salt instead of sugar in her banana bread. I can eat most things but even I struggled, attempting to use marmalade, cheese and chocolate to hide the taste. But to no avail, this banana bread was destined for Dickson and Ruben. Accident? We’ll see. Sally has threatened to make another dish soon and all will be revealed.

This Friday is Martyr’s Day. The typical holiday celebrating kicking the Brits out of the country. Different country, same deal. Doesn’t anyone know how sensitive we are? And this lines up nicely with our next Lake trip, to Salima (due east of Lilongwe) this weekend. Apparently there is a plan the girls are working on but one that is dependent on Brave getting back from Chipita in the north, via Mzuzu to collect Fishani, Friday morning in the company Hyundai van.

Meanwhile my plan for our holiday to Tanzania and South Africa is all booked and ready to go. We leave on March 18 for Dar Es Salaam then Zanzibar (where I’ve promised Sally we’ll also visit the Spice Islands because they sound cool) then we go for a week to South Africa to reunite with Isa the Film Director/Journalist we met in Nkhota-kota who has an exciting agenda set up for us. Then we return with some new visas and the clock starts again… 


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