Moonlighting at Club Destiny

This is a new one for me: life is tough as a volunteer so Saturday night Natalia was working the street and I had some part-time work at the new hot club in Lilongwe – Club Destiny. After limbering up at the gym in the morning and thanks to my Afripop dance preparations I felt ready…

…to be the assistant barman at the downstairs bar at Violet’s latest entreprenial venture which opened Saturday night.

I must have missed the planning party as this one was sprung on me when I got home from Sales trip Friday night but Violet’s a close friend and, well, it seemed like a fun idea. Plus Violet’s husband and my buddy Adrian’s “shore leave” was ending Monday so this was a good way to see him off.

And every good party needs a Brave. Plus Mrs W., Carys, Isabella and Violet’s friend Lovely (all in title picture) and, later arriving reinforcements, Fishani and Florence.  All were recruited (and Violet’s daughter, Victoria, her two sons and my boss for the night, her brother Alfonso) as staff with Natalia and Lovely as waitresses, Brave and me as barmen and Isabella picking up the short straw on BBQ/food detail.

Our pre-party photo shoot got a little silly;

And a cute picture too:

Now, Brave and I as barmen has a bit of the fox-watching-the-henhouse about it but we were well behaved and paid for all our own drinks (which is not the same as ‘not drinking’).  Violet had booked a well known artist, Lulu & Band, who were excellent and played all night.

Location is always key and Club Destiny is easy to get to and has good parking – and has the best barmen in town. Violet and Adrian have built a cozy downstairs bar with a killer DJ Saturday night (me) with an amazing roof top, where the band was set-up, available once a month.

Armed police manned the stairwell just to be on the safe side.

We overcame a few first night teething issues like no ice or monetary change for the spontaneously created (and complex – I needed a calculator) price list. The traffic was initially a little light so Brave and Natalia hit the surrounding streets to promote to anyone who would listen. Interesting results from their efforts as they seemed to only find the local working girls who wanted to know if the drinks would be free, a vehicle would take them and that customers would be available. Not Violet’s target audience but some interesting ideas for next time.

But when we had a power cut the only noise in a 3-mile radius was Club Destiny (thanks to the building generator and great speakers) and we began to fill up.

1am rolled around and I could see the crossroads. Straight, to a long night working and after party-party. Right, the wheels coming off with Brave. Left, home with my Colombian which really shouldn’t be the safe option.

Home. I’m getting old. But what a fun night.


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