Tragedy on Malawi Independence Day

We had two choices today to celebrate Malawi’s Independence Day; attend a free concert at the Civic Stadium where a friend (Lily B) of our friends (Ms. AfroPop, Chisomo, and Paola) was performing or return to the Bingu National Stadium to watch The Big Game between Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers.

We got home from the concert and saw this on the news: Stampede at Bingu National stadium. Chilling as we were at the stadium on the opening day and crowd and traffic control was clearly a problem. I just spoke to Fishani, who lives opposite the stadium, and he was at home (watching the game which still went ahead) but he did say he felt the effects of the tear gas used to ‘control’ the crowd in his house.

The concert was great and we took some video (Chisomo is the dancer who starts at the front, Lily B the singer) but our enjoyment is a now a little tempered by the news from the stadium.


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