Doctor Phil

I’ve warned of the risks of Man ‘flu before but this week I had a bout of this illness that is often confused with a bad cold. Clearly I struggled on, without complaint, and worked a full week. But the risk of Man ‘flu is that especially virulent strains of the virus can jump species, to smaller creatures not exposed to the same physical and mental stresses than men are conditioned to. Unfortunately, this was the case and Natalia fell victim this weekend.

I was fairly useless at work this week but was feeling better by Thursday. But Natalia woke-up Friday morning feeling sick and, after sticking it out at the office for a few hours, she went home to bed.

Now, the best treatment is sleep and I didn’t want to wake her when I got home so I selflessly decided to base myself at a new bar called Goodfellows after work for a couple of hours with Fishani. Not sure how I missed Goodfellows before but it’s going to be my new bar for watching Manchester United. But I digress…

Saturday morning Natalia was convinced she had Malaria (also often confused with Man ‘flu) but using my extensive medical experience I determined the next step in my recovery program was a Streetwise-3 meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken. A few hours later she said she needed something sweet, which I had failed to predict so I quickly made some banana bread (note for Sally – use sugar not salt).

Sunday, we both headed to the gym; too ambitious for Natalia and she retired to a sun lounger by the pool in the warm sunshine. She’s back on the sofa again and I’m back in kitchen, this time chicken curry. But she’s out of the woods now.

Good job too as it’s a big week ahead. Our Sales Team as in town for our Q2 Sales meeting and a visit from the SolarAid chairman, Jeremy Leggett.


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