The Farewell Tour Begins…

Brave, Carys, Violet, Isabel, Natalia and I left Thursday night for a weekend in Nkhatabay and our last visit to The Lake. Guilt free as we’ve had a busy couple of weeks and due to the good graces of Fishani who is manning the office Friday. Hopefully he’ll join us Saturday although not sure how as it’s a long way solo without a car.

We went via Mzuzu Thursday night and picked up this cake, arranged by Fishani, on the final leg to The Lake Friday morning.

Yes, it’s my birthday and the party has come to town. This meant the final voyage in the RAV4 (cramed with gin, tequila, vodka, enough egg and tuna sandwiches to feed an army, and half our kitchen) and, despite not being able to open the drivers window and a flickering brake light, we hurtled the 6 hours up the M1 on Brave’s tail, squeezing past 16-wheelers lumbering towards us, in the pitch black without incident. 

Of course, the trauma of the journey meant Brave and I had to go out, while girls rested, to the Mzuzu bars until 3am. Doctor Phil made another appearance as one of the club goers passed out on the floor and, while a crowd gathered and stared, I stepped in to check his vitals. 

I’ve seen this done on TV – position the body so the patient doesn’t swallow their tongue or choke on vomit.  Once I had arranged him in a crime scene style configuration I stepped back to admire my work. And the crowd danced on. So then someone had the bright idea to pick him up and get him outside. I leant a hand as three of us wrestled him to his feet and he woke up swinging. Punches dodged but he grabbed my shirt and ripped a hole perfectly exposing my right nipple, which would look good if I had a piercing. I don’t. Lesson learned (let sleeping dogs lie, not the fashion value of body jewelry).

Friday morning was difficult and Natalia was enjoying being up early. Brave and Carys had some errands to run so me and the three girls headed off to Nkhatabay and the Mayoka Lodge. This lodge was selected because its nearer the main ‘town’ and nightlife which is the agenda tonight. 

As we arrived we saw Sam, whose been here since we dropped him off 3 months ago, walking along the road. He took a look at the RAV4 and shivered – “that thing still running!?!” He’s now joining us tonight. 

This place is really stunning.

The girls have headed to the beach bar while I type this post on our cottage veranda overlooking the water. They seem to be having a good time.

So, we wait for Brave and Carys to get the party bus started. Tequila and shot glasses are ready. What could go wrong…

They just sent me this picture. I’m a lucky man.

And I’m focused on the wrong activity. Out.


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