Small Apes

We’re going through our list of things to do before we leave. Today, on the way back from some grocery shopping, the Vervet Monkeys were waiting for us. I was asked to pull over, with the urgency as if I had struck a baby deer, and we spent 20 minutes posing with the monkeys of Lilongwe.

The police were lining the road –  a sure indicator the President was due to make a drive through – so I was in no mood to hang around. But monkey-trumps-Phil (and then President) in our house so we pulled over.

I’m very protective of our groceries. And I’m not a fan of celery. So when asked by Natalia to find something to feed the monkeys I gave her a couple of sticks of celery.

Natalia broke the celery into pieces and threw them into the grass. I’m no primatologist but the monkey looked at her, then me, with the look of “I’m not eating that shit”.

So I gave Natalia an apple which she bit into chunks to share with her friends. Discovery channel stuff. The moment captured on video: Goodbye To The Monkeys


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