SolarMen Do Afropop: The Lost Tapes

Real men do Afropop. 

Especially nice to see Ruben joining in at the end.

We’re on our way home after the to-be-expected panics (new export regulations on wood products when we have suitcases full of them), stresses (trying to sell our luxury car, differing packing strategies on Team-Walton) and the sadness of leaving our friends behind.

We still had time for one more dinner with our friends (and one more United game at Breeze).

And Brave has has now earned the position of the official chairman of the Malawi Manchester United Supporters club (sporting my Killarney’s Bar – Huntington Beach, CA – hat).

And the General Manager of SunnyMoney (SolarAid Malawi). Congratulations buddy – throughly deserved.

I will try to do this experience justice and celebrate all those involved in my next post. That’s a post I really want to think about.


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