Home and Goodbye

After a year in Malawi, a social marathon in California and cultural detour to Amsterdam we have arrived at our end point and probably the most challenging leg of our journey: 3 months with my parents. 

There are a few unpublished stories from the last few weeks regarding some lost Malawian agricultural items that convienently appeared in Natalia’s jacket pocket when we went Colombian camping (possibly flouting US custom guidelines) and our freeloading and exploratory exploits in Amsterdam that ended up with us getting a bit confused in the Heineken Brewery. But we’ve arrived in the UK safely, having resupplied ourselves for another year on the road.  Our Huntington Beach home will be occupied until October 2018. 

The UK will be our base of operations as we assess our options. We’re meeting our friends at SolarAid and Accounting For International Development in London next week and then the SolarAid founder and environmental activist, Jeremy Leggett, and Paola from Mayamiko also in London the week after. We’re off to research Malta (a potential destination) on November 9th and then head to Bologna, Italy to meet Mark Rutherford.  Our plan is to find another overseas (non-US or UK) assignment but this time graduating from volunteers to salaried employees. We hope one of us lands a job and the other finds their job on arrival (probably easier for Natalia who has also taught Spanish/English). Offers welcome…

But first some time with the parents (and Brother, Sister-in-law and nephew). And some English pubs.

Another day and continent and another birthday cake for Natalia. Also, a delightful surprise was hearing my Mother play the piano which Natalia sneakily got on video.

So, this is the end of the line for the Waltons in Malawi blog. And my final thank you to those who have persevered through my 179 posts over 13 months. The enthusiasm of many of you motivated me to continue writing when I was ready to give up and I hoped you enjoyed it while learning a little about Solar and Malawi.   


Ps: Maybe there will be a sequel…


8 thoughts on “Home and Goodbye

  1. Phil thank you for writing about all our experiences. This year was so memorable in so many levels!! Thank you for your dedication to this blog and for being the best travel buddy ever!!!


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